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[May. 9th, 2005|03:46 pm]
dena kay
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Felix, Runaway Dreamer.....my obsession......]

I was just reflecting on some things, going through pictures and realized just about how much I miss Bre. I have a different kind of friendship with her that I cannot begin to explain, but its comfortable. No matter how long it has been since I have spoken to her, we seem to fall back in. I like that. I have one other friend that I can treat on the same level, and I see her everyday. Bre has this look in her eyes when you see her that reminds you of who you are and that is something special. I miss it.

And my cheesy notes probably will not stop anytime soon as I am getting ready to participate in graduation ceremonies and move on to another stage of my life. I am not sure that I am at all ready for it, but we will see. I am so attatched to being here right now. The people, the parties, the river, the weather, the walking, the memories.....I dont want that to end. Decorah is 5 steps away from reality, and sometimes that is so perfect.

I am scared. I am afraid to leave the best friend I have met here. I am afraid to leave the most stable home I have had in the past five years and I am afraid to be on my own completely. I have this support group to hold me back right now and I am choosing to not deal with every issue in my life until I can actual be dedicated to it. I don't want to become old and redundant. I dont want a normal job and a normal life but I dont want to run away from what I do have now anymore. Thats a step in the right direction.

Classes are done on thursday.....jello keg.

I organized a silent auction yesterday...Got 150$ worth of Aveda products plus a 40$ tanning package and two gift certificates AND a new keychain for 42$....

My birthday present to myself.

I want Gaucho pants....real bad.....
AND I want some big ole wedge shoes....SEXY MAMA.........Woah Random.

From: breannamary
2005-05-09 09:07 pm (UTC)
"The Fragrance of blossoms soon passes;
the ripeness of fruit is gone in a twinkling.
Our time in this world is so short,
better to avoid regret:
Miss no opportunity to savor the ineffable."
-The Book of the Heart

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